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Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Please enjoy this author interview by "AllAuthor"

Q.What is one lesser-known fact about your childhood?
I bought my own horse when I was 13 and had to support him myself. I babysat, cleaned houses, and walked polo ponies between chukkas (the play period.) I loved that horse, and I was so busy taking care of him, I never had time to get in trouble!

Q. Who is the most supportive person in your life when it comes to your writing?
My grandkids!!! They always tell me how much they love my books. That keeps me going.

Q. How would you describe your experience as a former teacher?
I loved teaching teens and pre-teens. I enjoyed the depth I could get into with my high school students, but I loved the energy of the younger teens in Junior High. I also learned that a good teacher is kind of like being on stage and entertaining an audience.!

Q. Why do you mostly write about horses or horse-fantasy creatures?
I have been a horse-lover since birth...I call it "being born with manure in my blood!" I started taking riding lessons when I was eight. When I wasn't on a horse, I war reading both fiction and non-fiction books about them. Thus, I developed a love of reading as well. Fantasy has always been a favorite genre of mine so combining fantasy and horses seemed like the perfect fit. have expanded my horse stories to include "coming of age," and "historical fiction" to challenge myself.

Q. What developed your love for horses?
As I mentioned, I was born loving horses. Owning my own horse and sacrificing to take care of him served only to deepen my love. Your love increases as you serve and sacrifice.

Q. What inspired your first original story? Did you share the tale with anyone?
My first book was a non-fiction book titled: "Riding Colorado." it is an equestrian trail guide book and is the first of a now, four-bok series about trails to ride in and around colorado. I researched and wrote those books for the selfish reason that I wanted to find all the cool trails to ride. I had five other horse friends testing the trails with me, so, yes, I shared the experience with them. 

As we would drive to the trailheads, I would tell them the fiction story I was creating that became "Behind the Mist-Book One of the Mist Trilogy."

Q. What is the significance of the title of your book, "In the Heart of a Mustang?
For several years, I worked for PATH, Intl,., The Professional Association of Therapeutic Horsemanship. There I witnessed the healing power of horses not only for disabled and handicapped people, (I write about that in "PERCY-The Racehorse Who Didn't Like to Run,") but I was also touched by the effect horses have on troubled teens. I coupled that with my  interest in the bands of wild mustangs running free in ten western states and came up with "In the Heart of a Mustang." People who have adopted these wonderful horses love them so much.

Q. How much did you research about the longest Horseback ride in history while writing your book, "PINTO!"?
"PINTO!" took me two and a half years to research and many miles of travel. I started doing research on the internet. I found a little...just enough to pique my curiosity. I traveled to Oklahoma City to visit the National Western and Cowboy Museum. the research librarian didn't even know they had a collection of material. But, after searching in their basement, they found a box of original photographs and a few articles from the time. I went up to Bainbridge Island, Washinton to their little historical museum and was greeted like royalty. They were so excited that I was going to write about their hometown heroes. They have a permanent exhibit of the Overland Westerners and a driftwood sculpture of Pinto. In their collection are all the original journals still in existence that two of the men kept. I was able to take home a flash drive with the transcriptions of the journals. I read every word and highlight the events that Pinto could tell about. It was so much fun!

Friday, December 4, 2020


 Happy holidays! I teamed up with a whole herd of equestrian authors to bring you some virtual holiday cheer on the Equestrian Author Spotlight podcast. In the special holiday episode, we share our favorite horsey holiday memories and some great christmas gift recommendations because horse books make great gifts. Plus, we are getting into the holiday spirit with a spur jingling giveaway for our readers!

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Pinto Update Nov v1 1

Sunday, September 20, 2020

PINTO! Receives its 10th Literary Award!

I'm excited to tell you that my historical fiction novel, "PINTO! Based Upon the True Story of the Longest Horseback Ride in History" received the first place award for middle-grade history from the Chanticleer Book Awards! If you love horse stories ala "Black Beauty," you will love PINTO!

PINTO! is available on my website:

Or on Amazon: PINTO!
Or on Barnes and Noble: PINTO!

Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Latigo Dun It

In December I attended the Equus Film and Arts Festival at the Kentucky Horse park in Lexington, KY. My new book, "PINTO!" was a literary award recipient. Besides the lovely medal and trophy that I was given to honor the book, I was also given a Breyer horse statue of "Latigo Dun It."

Latigo Dun It, better known as "Hollywood," is a magnificent Quarter Horse stallion owned and exhibited by Charro artist Tomas Garcilazo.  He has recently been immortalized by Breyer with his own statue.

Tomas' considerable talent as a horseman and Hollywood's beauty made it to the national stage when Hollywood made his debut  at the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas in 2007. Hollywood was five at the time. Since then, they have performed all around the USA, Canada and Mexico. Their performances include rope tricks, reining maneuvers, and traditional Charro Horsemanship. Their performances are often accompanied by loud music, laser shows, and even fireworks.

A Charro is a Mexican horseman or cowboy. Tomas often appears in traditional dress: an embellished sombrero paired with embroidered pants and jacket, accented with a colorful necktie. Charro's traditionally compete in events similar to American rodeos.

Here is a video of Tomas riding Hollywood.

I think Breyer should make Pinto into a statue, too!

Tuesday, December 3, 2019

I am excited to attend the 2019 Equus Film and Arts festival. It will be held at the Kentucky Horse Park from December 5th through the 8th. Authors, artists and filmmakers who focus on the horse as their subject matter will be presenting their works. Lisa Diersen, Diana De Rosa, Carly Kade and Candace Wade have been in charge of getting all of us on the same page as we prepare to come and present our work. I will be presenting my new book: "PINTO!" as well as speaking on two author panels. The first will be on Friday where I will be speaking about turning your book into a screenplay. The second panel will be on Sunday when I will be speaking about researching for your novel.

Click here for a video about the featured authors and their titles!

Here is a picture of the display that is currently up at the Kentucky Horse Park. Do you see "PINTO!"

PINTO! is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and on the website: Dancing Horse Press