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Monday, December 22, 2014


 I received fabulous news! The Mist Trilogy: Behind the Mist, Mists of Darkness and The Rising Mist were selected to receive the Mom's Choice Gold Medal Award.

I am especially honored to receive this award because of the stringent evaluation that the books had to go through to be chosen. The Mom's Choice Award judges follow a strict evaluation process. Entries are scored on a number of elements including production quality, design, educational value, entertainment value, originality, appeal and cost. The judges look for books that help families grow emotionally, physically or spiritually: are morally sound and promote good will; and are inspirational and uplifting. (according to their website:

The gold medal is awarded to the books or products that receive the highest scores. I am so grateful that the panel of judges felt that my work adds something good to the world.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


The first ever film festival held just to honor movies that feature horses in our lives, both animated and with live actors and horses, was held last weekend, Nov. 21st and 22nd. It was called the Equus Film Festival and was held in New York City using three different screens. I sure wish I could  have been there!

Three of the films, "The Fork in the Road", "The Equestrian", and "Valiant" focus on Dressage. The first, "The Fork in the Road" was made to promote Para Dressage and the determination of injured eventer Gigi McIntosh as she strives to return to riding and competing now in dressage.

"The Equestrian" examines how the bond of trust between a horse and rider can be destroyed and rebuilt. See the trailer here:

The third, "Valiant" is about a completely blind dressage horse. That is especially poignant for me as my wonderful Kit that I have written about in previous posts was just determined to have developed total blindness in his left eye.

The made a listing of their 30 favorite horse movies. It is kind of fun to look at the list and see which ones you have seen. Click here for the list:

Now, pretend I am a movie critic! Here goes!

My comparison of National Velvet and International Velvet!

These two films were made thirty-four years apart and they are a classic example of how Hollywood has changed in that time. National Velvet was released in 1944. It starred young Elizabeth Taylor, Mickey Rooney and Angela Lansbury, to name a few. All three went on to have illustrious film carriers, as you know. The story is wholesome and touching. The filming in the English country side was beautiful. But I was impressed with the depiction of Velvet's family. The mother had given up fame as a swimmer to raise her children. Both she and her husband, though not wealthy, worked hard to take care of their family. Mom was at home for her kids. I loved that prayers were said at every meal. 

Now, move forward (or perhaps backward) thirty-four years! Velvet is now a grown woman shacked up with her boyfriend who is, for some undisclosed reason, afraid of marriage and she puts up with it. Their niece, played poorly by Tatum O'Neil, comes to stay with them when her parents are killed. No prayers, no strong family. The only sacrifice made is when the author live-in (played by Christoper Plummer) starts writing trashy novels to supplement their income to pay for Sarah Brown's riding lessons. It is fun to note that the eventing competition in the U.S. was filmed with Pony Club Riders! See my post about Pony Club from August 2, 2014. 

That being said, for an old eventer like myself, the horse scenes were great! (Except on the airplane when one of the competition horses being flown over the pond has to be shot! That made me cry!)) And the value of horses as the healing mechanism for a grieving girl is not only true to life but very touching.  

So, what was your favorite horse movie? 
And don't you think Behind the Mist, Mists of Darkness and The Rising Mist would make great movies???

Monday, November 10, 2014


Today is Roy Rogers' birthday! He was truly the "King of Cowboys". Did you know that he is the only person to be elected twice to the Country Music Hall of Fame? He was first elected in 1980 as one of the original members of "sons of the Pioneers" and second in 1988 as a solo artist. As a person, performer and equestrian, they don't get any better than Roy Rogers. Have fun riding your Unicorn, Roy!

You can read more about his wonderful horse, Trigger, in a post I wrote in 2010. Just click here:;postID=8936750939955106209;onPublishedMenu=allposts;onClosedMenu=allposts;postNum=1;src=postname

Do you now or have you ever owned a noble and great horse that deserves to become a unicorn? Write to me and tell me about him/her:

Monday, October 27, 2014


Last summer I was invited to sign books (specifically Behind the Mist) at a horse camp because the theme was fantasy and the director was giving each camper a copy of Behind the Mist. So, for fun, I decided to dress Jazz (the star of Behind the Mist) up as a unicorn and sign books from his back. It was really fun and he looked gorgeous!

So, in honor of Halloween, I decided to search out photos of creative costumes for horses. Here are some of my favorites!

Aren't people creative and aren't horses patient with us?  Since standard poodles are my favorite dogs (they really aren't dogs, they are in a class by themselves!) I had to put in two pictures of poodles. I adored those 3 little kings! And Harry Potter is great! 
 I also discovered that there is a company that makes horse costumes so you don't even have to be creative. Here is their website:

And remember: Don't work your with your with your horse...have fun with your horse!

Read The Mist Trilogy: Autographed copies available here:

Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Here I am, actually, really, honestly, in the Land of the Hanoverians. Yes, I am in Germany, visiting my son and his family. Chris is assigned to Grafenwoehr Army Post in Bavaria, the southern end of Germany. He is a dentist for the post here in this beautiful place!

Anyone who has been reading my blog knows that I love my hanoverian, Jazz (show name: Love That Jazz.) I love him so much I made him the star of The Mist Trilogy!  It so happens that Germany is the home of the hanoverian breed! Hanoverians are a warmblood breed that originated in Germany. They were developed under the direction of George II, King of England and Elector of Hanover. By the end of the 18th century, the hanoverian had become a high-class coach horse. 

Adjustments in the breed were made after WWI to make the horse better for riding yet still strong enough for farm work. After WWII, when the demand for sport horses boomed, the breed was adapted again. Thoroughbreds were used to refine the breed, with an occasional Anglo-Arabrian or Trekehner Stallion thrown into the mix. 

Today, Hanoverians are popular in the Olympic Games and other English Riding Style events and competitions.
 In the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, three hanoverian geldings, Elvis VA, Bonaparte and Satchmo, made up the gold winning team!

The Hanoverian Breeder's Association has worked hard to keep up the quality of the breed with rigorous grading of breeding stock and careful record keeping. I have a more complete pedigree of my horse than I do of myself! Jazz is registered with the American Hanoverian Society. This is the brand that is on his left hind quarter:

The hanoverian is strong and robust but also known for its willing and trainable nature. Chestnut, Bay (Jazz is a very dark bay,) black and gray are the approved colors. No buckskin, palomino or cremello nor those with too much white are allowed to be registered. They range in height from 15.3 to 17.2 hands (Jazz is 17 hands.)

Of course, Jazz is my favorite Hanoverian, but more famous than my sweet boy is Brentina. I wrote a blog post about her when she was retired. You can read it here:
I had the privilege of meeting Debbie McDonald. She is my height. That's why she looks so tiny on her 16.2 hand Brentina!

Throughout the year, people come to Germany to search for their DREAM HORSE! (I was lucky to find my dream horse on ) One of the most famous sales of Hanoverians is at Verden in the northwest corner of Germany, close to Hanover. October is the time for this sale. This year's Elite Sport Horse auction is Oct. 10 and 11th! I will be so close! I will be in Berlin at that time. I don't think I'll be able to talk my husband and son into taking me over there, however!!!

Monday, September 22, 2014


Saturday, Sept. 20th, Jazz and I competed in the Rocky Mountain Dressage Society Championships in the Level III class. Jazz was wonderful and we were excited to place third. Now it is back to work to get even better and work toward next year's show season!

Here is a picture of my wonderful husband of 42 years who always supports my horse addiction. He is the ultimate "Horse Husband!"

With show season over, it's time to read. If you need a good book, read Behind the Mist, Mists of Darkness or The Rising Mist from The Mist Trilogy, or North Mystic. They are all 
available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and everywhere else. But the Best place is on the website where you can get the books autographed!
Click here:

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


I haven't had much time to write since I am getting ready for the Rocky Mountain Dressage Championships. I ride in the Level III championship class on Saturday the 20th. My ride time is at 2:56 p.m. Happily, we are supposed to get a break in the heat by then. I hope so. It is so hard to ride a forward ride when Jazz is hot and tired. I will give him a rest on Friday. I will scribe for a judge in the morning then come home and ride Jazz quietly around the neighborhood. Saturday morning I will bathe him and braid his mane. He doesn't like baths very well! He is quite good about standing still while I braid him, however.

Yesterday's lesson with my trainer, Grant Schneidman went really well. Grant told me a great joke:
"How do you make a small fortune with horses?.......Start with a large fortune!"

Man is that true!

Okay, wish me luck!

Another note: The championships are being held at the Colorado Horse Park in Parker, Colorado. This is a fabulous horse show facility and I have loved showing there for many years. Sadly, it is now for sale and the only people who are putting up offers are developers that want to turn it in to more houses!!! If that happens, we will loose the best facility around. If you have a bunch of money, please come buy it and save it for the horse shows!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2014


The best part about being an author is getting letters from my readers. It makes all the lonely hours in my study sitting in front of a computer worth it. And for a social creature such as myself, that is saying a lot! Now, take it one step further and think how much I LOVE getting art work from my readers! WOW! I just received this fabulous drawing from Kylie. Kylie has read all of my books and has sent me some wonderful letters as well as visited with me at book signings. Here is the picture she just sent me. It's amazing!

Don't forget about the give away of THREE FREE copies of The Rising Mist on You must enter by September 25th for a chance to win!

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Thursday, August 28, 2014


The Rising Mist was released a week ago! One of the chapters is about Nick and his unicorn, Lazari, as they are sent to help the Ponies of Chincoteague when they are herded from Assateague Island to Chincoteague Island off the coast of Virginia. In the book, I write about the history of the ponies and about this event. I decided to write a blog post about it as well. When I was young, my favorite books were the horse stories by Marguerite Henry. One of these was titled Misty of Chincoteague. That is where I first learned about his annual pony swim.

This year's pony swim was held on Wednesday, July 30th. It was the 89th time that the herd of approximately 150 ponies from Assateague Island have been herded across the channel to Chincoteague Island in order for the foals to be auctioned off. The purpose of the auction is to keep the herd from getting too large and to raise funds for the Chincoteague Volunteer Fire Department. The Fire Department uses some of those funds to provide veterinary services to the ponies during the year.

The ponies are herded into the water at "Slack Tide." This is the time between high and low tides when there is no current. Because it lasts for 30 minutes, the ponies have a much easier time swimming the channel. Local fishermen line the channel to guide the ponies in their swim. The time can vary...anytime between 7 a.m. and 1 p.m.

The annual event has become a week long festival that draws thousands of visitors. The first foal to reach the shore is named King or Queen Neptune and is given away at a raffle. The other foals are auctioned off to the highest bidder. Approximately 55 foals are auctioned off each year.

My heart aches at the thought of these sweet foals being taken from their mothers and home but I'm sure the buyers love them and take good care of them. At least I certainly hope they do!

The adult ponies were herded back across the channel on Sunday, August 1st to spend the rest of the year foraging on the grasses of Assoteague Island.

In The Rising Mist, Nick and Lazari help a struggling foal reach its mother in the depth of the channel and save a fisherman who has fallen from his boat. You will love reading this new book!

 The Rising Mist is available on Amazon by clicking here:

 or AUTOGRAPHED from its website. Click here:

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        The Rising Mist by M.J. Evans



          The Rising Mist

          by M.J. Evans


            Giveaway ends September 25, 2014.
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Saturday, August 9, 2014


Dena at the Blog: did a wonderful spotlight on The Mist Trilogy. At the end she is offering a drawing for a free copy of  The Rising Mist. You can see the spotlight here:
 or you can go directly to her raffle here:/ZWQ1MmRjOWVhYTdmZDM5MjRjNjU3YTFjYTU3OTE3OjY5/
This drawing is for your choice of an ebook OR an autographed copy of the print book. The print book is to be released on August 19th so the drawing is set for that day.

One part of The Rising Mist that you are really going to love reading is the account of Nick and Lazari and Bethany and Shema's efforts to rescue the Lipizzan Stallions from Vienna that have been kidnapped and held for ransom. As you can guess, the kidnappers know nothing about how to care for horses. They are not concerned about the welfare of these magnificent animals. Their only concern is getting money. Had the fairies not seen the kidnapping taking place and sent the Legion of the Unicorn to help them, the horses all would have died. I included a lot of interesting history about the spanish riding school in those chapters that you will have fun reading.

Go to the spotlight and enter the drawing to win a FREE copy of The Rising Mist!

Monday, August 4, 2014


I am so excited. So, I decided that it's time to celebrate! The best way to celebrate is a give-away! Go to the Behind the Mist Facebook page. "Like" it and leave a comment with your email address. We will have a drawing on August 19, the official release date, and the winner will get a FREE copy of The Rising Mist-The Final Book of The Mist Trilogy. Easy as pie, or as they say now: Easy Peasy. Here is the link to the Behind The Mist Facebook page:

Saturday, August 2, 2014


I was a horse person born to non-horse parents. While they didn't understand my obsession (for that is what is was and still is!) they did everything they could to support me. This included two riding lessons a week. In those days, group lessons were $2 each. Now, that may not sound like much to you but, to my parents, it was a big sacrifice. As I became more and more accomplished as a rider, my teacher, Johnny Johnson at Highlands Hunt Club in Portland, Oregon (it isn't there anymore) started "encouraging" my parents to get me my own horse. This was something they could not afford so for a year, all of 7th grade, they pulled me out of riding.

By 8th grade, God intervened and provide me with a young, untrained, beautiful dapple-gray Arabian. (see my very first post!) I trained Tai and he took care of me. But my greatest resource for my training and horse care knowledge came from my involvement in Lake Oswego Pony Club. Every Saturday morning, I rode across Lake Oswego, something you probably couldn't do today, and rode with Pony Club. In the summers we would compete as a team at the Pony Club Rallies and take our tests to move up the levels. We competed over 4 days against teams from Oregon, Washington and British Columbia. The first day we had to take a written test on horse knowledge. The second day we competed in Dressage. The third day we competed over the cross-country course. The fourth day we competed in Stadium Jumping. Each day, we were also judged on horsemanship by "secret" judges that watched us care for the horses. I loved those rallies! And I learned so much! By the time I graduated from High School, I had received my "B" rating. At that point, I went off to college and didn't have time to get my "A." But Pony Club never left me and it is because of my exposure to dressage in Pony Club that I am competing in it today!

Since I was supporting my horse myself, I didn't have money for a trainer. If it hadn't been for Pony Club, I would have been lost. At that time, all of the coaches donated their time to us. It was so wonderful.

I loved Pony Club so much that I included a character in my book,"Mists of Darkness,"

that was a Pony Club member! She gets injured when one of the evil unicorn Hasbadana's mists of darkness descends upon the Rolex Three-Day Event. She is healed by Nick and his unicorn, Lazari.

Pony Club's Values are:
Horsemanship with respect to healthcare, nutrition, stable management, handling and riding a mount safely, correctly and with confidence.
Organized teamwork including cooperation, communication, responsibility, leadership, mentoring, teaching and fostering a supportive yet competitive environment.
Respect of the horse and self through horsemanship; for land through land conservation; and for others through service and teamwork.
Service by providing an opportunity for members, parents and others to support the pony club locally, regionally and nationally through volunteerism.
Education at an individual pace to achieve personal goals and expand knowledge through teaching others.

U.S Pony Club wrote a blog post about my writing. You can read it here:

To learn more about Pony Club or to find a Pony Club in your area go to their website:

Need a fun book to read? Read The Mist Trilogy: Behind the Mist, Mists of Darkness and the soon-to-be-released The Rising Mist. You can get them on the website, amazon or wherever books are sold.

Saturday, July 19, 2014


Most of the time, news is bad...sometimes VERY bad. However, the Denver Post included a good news article about the literary award I was given for my book: North Mystic.
The end of June, North Mystic was awarded first place in the Purple Dragon Fly award for outstanding children's literature in the sci fi/fantasy division! I am so excited!
You can read the article here:
 Now, I know there are no horses in this book but you would enjoy it anyway! It is a fun allegory of the revolutionary war but with trolls and leprechuans.
The best place to get it is on amazon or its website:  If your local library doesn't have it, just put in a request and they can get it. 
It is nice to read something good isn't it?

Friday, July 18, 2014


Hi Readers!
Several of you have contacted me about writing. Often the questions are "How do you get Published?" and questions along that line. Well, if you are interested in writing for middle-grade, here is some news for you. Have you finished a manuscript? If so, enter it in this free contest (FREE IS A VERY GOOD PRICE!) Your manuscript will be judged by a real, authentic, true blue, genuine agent who loves middle-grade books. Go to this link and read the rules. Your manuscript must be complete but unpublished. New FREE contest for writers of middle grade fiction Judged by agent @petejknapp - via @chucksambuchino

Thursday, June 26, 2014


Dear Readers,
This post is a bit different from my typical posts about horses, horses and more horses! I was invited by author Ann Goldfarb who writes Time Travel/Mysteries to participate in a "Blog Hop."  A "Blog Hop" allows readers of a blog to get connected to other blogs. All of the authors are asked to answer the same four questions...questions that are typically asked of authors. I really enjoy doing school visits and these are the type of questions that I am asked by the students. So, here is your chance to learn a little bit about the life of an author! I hope you enjoy it.

Right now I have a few irons in the fire. As you know, I have just released "Riding Colorado III-Day AND Overnight Trips With Your Horse." That is, obviously, a non-fiction trail guide book. In writing non-fiction, the best part is the research. In this case, "research" means I have to personally visit places and trails all over the state with my horse. How fun is that! Returning home, cleaning out the trailer and doing laundry, then sitting down and writing up all that I did is not as much fun. That is where writing fiction, and fantasy in particular, wins out for my heart. Right now, I am making final decisions with my publisher on the third and final book of The Mist Trilogy: "The Rising Mist." I am so excited about it. I have just re-read the entire book and love it! (I's always love their books! But this one really is good!!!)
All horse-lovers are going to enjoy this fantasy. As in the other two books of The Mist Trilogy, this is the story of the noble and great horses that are chosen to become unicorns when they die and the first boy and girl who are allowed to become unicorn riders. In the beginning of this book, Nicholas and Bethany and their unicorns are sent on several missions to earth to rescue animals, particularly horses, that are in danger. My favorite chapters involve the Legion of the Unicorn members saving ten of the Lipizzan stallions form Vienna that have been kidnapped and held for ransom. They return from this adventure to Celestia only to find a crisis awaiting them. The evil unicorn, Hasbadana, has kidnapped Nicholas's sisters. Urijah, the Lord of Celestia, sends Nick and Bethany to the Dark Kingdom to confront Hasbadana and bring the sisters home. Instead, Nick and Bethany are themselves imprisoned in a swirling mist of darkness deep within the crumbling stone walls of Hasbadana's castle. When Urijah willingly sacrifices himself to take the place of the humans, Nick is determined to find a way to free Urijah. I think this is the best book of the trilogy and that you will enjoy it even if you are not a horse-lover! It will be released by Two Harbors press in late July 2014. I can't wait!

I have never read a fantasy that is at all like The Mist Trilogy. Horse stories are one thing. Fantasies are another. The combination of horses and unicorns is unique. I also combine real locations with the fantasy world of Celestia, the home of the immortal unicorns. In addition, because I love art, I insert bits of information about famous artists in all three books. Look for that!

First, Why do I write? I grew up in a family of artists. My mother's art form was ballet. My grandmother and aunts' art medium was painting. My outlet for creative expression is writing. I love to paint pictures with words. I chose to write for middle grade readers because I want them to love to read. I am thrilled every time I get letters from readers that have loved my books. They make me cry! I am over-joyed when I get the occasional letter from a mom who tells me that my books made their child love to read. That makes the many lonely hours in front of the computer completely worth it!
Second, I write what I am passionate about...most of my books, both fiction and non-fiction center around horses. I think I must have been born with manure in my blood. I have been horse-crazy since birth. I have worked hard all my life in order to be with horses. I supported my own horse as a teenager by babysitting, cleaning houses, etc, etc. Now I use my book royalties to help support my horses. (Notice I wrote "horses." I have three!)

I have learned some handy tricks over the ten years that I have been a professional author. First, regardless of how great you are as a writer, there is no getting around the fact you have to put in the time. And it takes a lot of time! I have the over-arching story in my head when I start to write and I write and write and write until the entire story is done. That means I don't look back until the entire story is done. Then I go back and reread and revise and alter as seems necessary. Another trick I have learned is to never stop writing for the day at the end of a chapter. Stop in the middle of a paragraph or even right in the middle of a sentence. That way, when you return to your writing, you already have a start. Beta Readers are also helpful. but remember, it is your book. You don't have to take their suggestions. However, I am always open to what they have to say and I appreciate their comments. 

Here is the cool ad that was created to announce the release of "The Rising Mist." How do you like it?

Now, I know you horse-lovers also love to eat! I have the blog for you. Michele Morris is an award winning cookbook writer and amazing food photographer. Her book: "Tasting Colorado" (of which I have purchased several copies for gifts,) was the winner in the Colorado Author's League Book Awards non-fiction category. Her next beautiful cookbook, "Tasting Washington," will be out soon!
Click here to visit her blog in the author "Blog Hop." 
She will help you create the food you have always dreamed of. She will answer the four questions about being an author that I did above. 

Another great author to discover is Sandy Whelchel. Sandy is the author of the award winning book: Fox and Geese and has recently released the historical saga: Willow Switch. she is the author of six non-fiction books, three fiction books and five coloring books as well as numerous short stories and articles. Her blog was a finalist in the Colorado Author's League writing awards Blog division for one of her articles. 
Her blog is perfect for history buffs! You can access it by clicking here:

I was invited to participate in this "Blog Hop" by time travel/mystery writer Ann Goldfarb. Please visit her blog by clicking here:

Saturday, June 14, 2014


 Everyone has a birthday now and then. If you are getting up there, you would rather not keep track any longer. However, my test riders from my "Riding Colorado" books and I have a fun tradition. Whenever we have a birthday, we go on a birthday ride. The birthday girl gets to choose where she wants the group to go. Since I have written three trail guide books for Colorado, it is a tough decision. I know so many great trails! However, yesterday, I chose to stay close to home so we could have cake with one of our riders who is recuperating from a terrible event (Her heart stopped! It's a miracle that she is still alive. Her husband performed CPR for 15 minutes until the paramedics arrived. I'd say that qualifies as a "terrible" event wouldn't you?) Anyway, I chose to go to one of the new day trips in "Riding Colorado III". It is a new open space created by Douglas County called "Lincoln Mountain." I am the leader in the line above riding my wonderful thoroughbred and cover boy Kit. I love that horse as you know if you have been reading my posts for a while. One thing I love about Colorado that is obvious from the picture is that you can see forever! Having grown up in Oregon, surrounded by trees, I couldn't believe that the sky was so big when I arrived in Colorado. Now I get claustrophobic when I return to Oregon. I want someone to cut down those trees! (I know, I know, my Oregon readers will think I'm nuts!)

Anyway, if you have a birthday coming up, gather some friends and go for a trail ride. Better yet, plan a trip with your horse and your friends to Colorado. If you want to know where to go, buy Riding Colorado III-Day and Overnight Trips With Your Horse. I have previewed campgrounds, resorts, cabins and Bed and Breakfasts that will host both you and your horse. In addition, I have reviewed trails around each destination. Riding Colorado III is available on
Happy Trails to You!