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Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Most of you probably do not know that, in addition to my fantasy stories, "Behind the Mist," "Mists of Darkness," and "North Mystic," I also write equestrian trail guide books. The two that I have completed are titled: "Riding Colorado" and "Riding Colorado II."   Non-fiction books take a lot of research and the research for my trail guide books is truly grueling! Just imagine having to get up early to feed the horses and clean the stalls. Then pack a lunch, hook up the trailer to the back of the suburban, load the tack, being sure not to forget my helmet, putting on travel boots and loading my horse in the trailer. Then I have to brave the Denver traffic to get to one of the hundreds of trails within a two hour drive of Denver, find the trail head, unload my horse, groom, tack-up, then actually have to ride on the trails. I know, I feel terribly sorry for me! However, remember, somebody had to go home and sit at the computer and write the evaluation and description of each trail. So, it isn't all just fun and games. My dear friend, Susan DeSilva of Prohorseproductions made this video for me. You are going to be really jealous that you don't live in Colorado after you watch it! Just click here:

I am currently working on "Riding Colorado III." The sub-title of the first two books is:"Day-Trips from Denver With Your Horse." I only sell those books through tack and feed stores from Colorado Springs to Longmont along the front range. However, the third book is sub-titled: "Over-night Trips From Denver With Your Horse." I am visiting cabins, bed and breakfasts, resorts and campgrounds where you can take your horse. I am trying to cover locations in all parts of the state. It has been so much fun and I still have several
places yet to visit.

Happy Trails to all of you!

Remember: When you are not riding, curl up with a great book. You will love my horse lover's fantasies: Behind the Mist and Mists of Darkness. Order them on the website: to save $1 off the cover price AND get it autographed.