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Sunday, November 28, 2010


I just received a message from Debbie Mcdonald who read the blog about Brentina. She wants all Brentina's fans to know that the mare is well and happy and gets ridden about three times per week. She still likes to show off if anyone is watching!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Dressage-Great Brentina

In the book, Behind the Mist, Book One of The Mist Trilogy, the reader learns that the Noble and Great horses are trained to become unicorns in the after-life and earn their horns. This blog is dedicated to the Noble and Great horses in our lives and in history. 

In the fall of 2002, I traveled to Salt Lake City to receive some training in Public Affairs, my volunteer service (we call these "callings") for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I happened to sit at the same table with some Public Affairs Volunteers from Seattle. The lady sitting next to me and I started talking about horses. Yes, I was probably the one who brought them up since I don't know how to converse intelligently about anything else. But I digress! She said to me that her cousins owned some "big, fancy dressage horse in Idaho." I caught my breath and said: "Brentina?"

"Yes, that's the name," she responded.

"Your cousins own Brentina?" I responded in awe.

"Yes," she responded, clearly not aware of why I was so thunderstruck.

I had the privilege of seeing Brentina and her fabulous rider, Debbie McDonald, at the World Cup in Las Vegas, in 2004. I cried all the way through her performance to "Respect." I am attaching that for you. This is a great video because you get expert commentary along the way and you will undoubtedly learn something new about Dressage. 

Brentina was foaled in 1991 in Germany. She is a 16.2 hand chestnut Hanoverian mare...just the right size for the tiny Debbie. I really relate to Debbie because she is just my size! The mare was purchased by Perry and Peggy Thomas (my dinner-mate's cousins) for 150,000 Deutsch Marks in October, 1994 at the Elite Auction in Verden.

The mare's bond with Debbie, who was a trainer at the Perry's stable in Sun Valley, Id., was, apparently, immediate. Brentina has that great combination of being both a hard worker and a show-off! Her international show carrier started with Double Golds in the 1999 Pan American Games. Over their 14 year partnership, they won a huge list of metals and awards  including the 2005 USEF Horse of the Year.

Brentina had her share of injuries and always received the best of care, of course. In February 2009 she underwent Colic surgery...which should strike fear into the heart of all you horse owners out there! Brentina was retired from competition on April 17, 2009 at the World Cup in Las Vegas.

She is now making big bucks as a brood mare but she will not be carrying any foals herself...too risky. Her first foal was born in April, 2010. His name is Dillinger and is a black Hanovarian Colt by Damsey. Her second foal was born in May, 2010. His name is Brighton and is a chestnut colt by Leslie Morse's stallion, Kingston. Unfortunately, the mare died as a result of complications during birth...See, the Perrys were wise not to take any chances.

 I do not doubt that Brentina is one of those Noble and Great horses that will, someday, earn her horn. But I hope she has a long life and contributes many wonderful American-bred Hanoverians to the warm-blood world. Everyone Loves You, Brentina!

Tell me about the Noble and Great horse in your life! 
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's COOL in Wyoming

A Blog reader named Lisa sent me this story about her  horse that she wants to nominate for Unicornhood:

Lisa wrote:

"Hi Margi! The story line of your book is intriguing. I love the unicorn's beautiful mane! Your Noble horse,
Tai, story is so uplifting! The YouTube story is amazing too! I too had a
Strong and Noble horse once. My sorrel gelding "Reining" Quarter Horse"Cool"-
was such a kind, gentle and forgiving horse allowing me to learn Reining, taking
care of me through showing, trail rides and loving me through 2 relationship
breakups..he had a kind eye and gentle spirit. He was small, but grew under the
saddle as we rode and showed in the show ring. He grew to be a strong survivor
of a hard life prior to him coming to me, and became my best friend! He resides
in Wyoming on a ranch- retired at age 24 where life is good and his new best
friends are sheep! I miss him so much, but I have many pictures, his show blankets
and tack with his smell to remind me of him and our tough and glorious times
together forever! He will no doubt earn his Unicorn horn in the life hereafter.

Tell me the story of your Noble and Great horse.
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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Trigger - The Smartest Horse in the Movies

In Behind the Mist, Book One of The Mist Trilogy, the reader learns that the Noble and Great horses are given the training and skills needed to become unicorns in the after-life and earn their horns. This blog is dedicated to the Noble and Great horses in our lives and throughout history.

1953This was Roy RogerRs favorite poem, it was written by his friend Mike Bright.

Trigger by Mike Bright

You've heard the tales of man and beast
Of how they rose to fame
Here's the story of a horse, that's true,
And Trigger was his name.

A Stable horse - that's what he was;
Just a horse on a movie lot.
But he caught the eye of a cowboy star,
And that horse won't be forgot.

He was a steed of rarest beauty
As he raced across the plain;
That golden palomino
With the flowing tail and mane.

We watched him at the rodeo
As he would rear and bow and prance
You've never seen a horse like that.
Why, that horse could even dance.

We watched him on the movie screen;
The greatest horse of all.
With the king of the cowboys on his back,
He held his head so tall.

When the outlaws got the upper hand
And there seemed to be no hope in sight;
When it seemed his master's doom was sure.
Ole Trigger took up the fight...

The smartest horse in the movies,
that's what they used to say.
But he's the smartest horse that ever lived

And ever came our way...
The Golden Palimino that was owned and ridden by Roy Rogers in his western movies was born in 1932. He was 15.3 hands (a hand is four inches and the measurement is taken at the withers-where the shoulders meet.) He was originally named Golden Cloud. He made his movie debut as Maid Marion's mount in The Adventures of Robin Hood. Roy Rogers bought him in 1938, renamed him "Trigger," and they were together ever since. Rogers even proposed to his wife, Dale Evans while riding Trigger.
Trigger had 150 trick cues and could walk on his hind legs for 50 feet. There was also a Dell comic book made for him and a Breyer horse as well!
Of interest: when Trigger died in 1965, his hide was stretched over a plaster cast and placed in the Roy Rogers, Dale Evans museum in Victorville, CA and latter moved to Branson, MO. When the museum was closed in late 2009, Christi's Auction House sold it in July 2010 for $266,500 to RFD-TV. (If you haven't found this cable station yet, look for it. It has some cool horse programing!) RFD-TV is planning to make a western museum.
Shema, one of the unicorns in Behind the Mist - Book One of The Mist Trilogy, is a beautiful palimino. A palimino is a color of various breed (although they have started their own registry, now.) Trigger was sired by a thoroughbred out of a palimono mare of mixed breed (called a grade.)
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Future Unicorns abound at the World Equestrian Games

This YouTube clip was sent to me by Syd in Castle Rock, Colorado. While this is not my typical post, I wanted you to see this cool video comparing two fabulous dressage horses at the WEG. Hands up everyone who thinks these horses will earn their horns someday!

The World Equestrain Games were held at the Kentucky Horse Park the end of Sept. to mid Oct. of this year. Fabulous horses and riders from most equestrian disciplines were there to show off their Noble and Great horses.

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