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Sunday, March 3, 2013


If you haven't yet been convinced to read Behind the Mist, perhaps this wonderful review by Brainfood Bookstore in Longmont, CO will do the trick. This appeared in their March Newsletter.

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Behind the Mist
by Margi Evans

Behind the Mist is an enchanting read that warms the heart and demonstrates the true power of love. This fantasy transpires in the land of unicorns, where these marvelous creatures roam free and magic is everywhere. This is not your average fantasy, but a tale with true morality much needed for today's youth.

Travel with Nick, an experienced Colorado trail-rider, and jazz, a seasoned show horse, as they explore the land of Celestia on their journey to join the legion of the unicorn. Celestia is a land full of magic, beauty, and danger, with surprises and trials for our dual protagonists along every step of the way. Nick and Jazz must trust in each other and banish their fears to let the power of love conquer all. Evans illustrates with ease, the unique powerful bond of a horse and their rider. With detail rich storytelling, anyone with a love for horses will be instantly hooked and everyone else will quickly fall for their charm.

An easy read that can be enjoyed by readers of all ages Evans constructs a world that engages all five senses and creates a sense of yearning for this perfect world. Evans displays her mastery of setting in her debut novel and inspires the imagination. Diverse vocabulary and numerous references to historical artists give Behind the Mist an educational edge lacking in common fantasy. Subtle Christian morals make this an uplifting tale much needed to bring light back into the darkened pages of the currently popular young adult books. Take a journey, go for a ride, and experience the magical world of Behind the Mist.

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