This Blog is dedicated to the Noble and Great horses in our lives and throughout history. Visit the land of the unicorns in Behind The Mist, the horse lover's fantasy for pre-teens to adults.

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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Behind The Mist Release

Behind the Mist will be released for sale on the Website before Thanksgiving 2010. It will be available through other sources in January 2011. The website is:

Thursday, October 14, 2010

My First Noble and Great Horse

In Behind the Mist, the first of The Mist Trilogy, the reader learns that the noble and great horses are chosen to become unicorns in the afterlife. After receiving special training, they are awarded their horns. This entire blog is dedicated to the "Noble and Great" horses both in our own lives and throughout history.

      The first Noble and Great horse that I ever knew was my first horse, Tai. Tai, short for Asjieb Taif (Gray Dawn in Arabic-or so I was told,) was a beautiful dabble-gray 3/4 Arab. The first time I saw him, he was galloping across a field, head and tail straight up in true Arab fashion. Tai was just 2 1/2, but since I was only 13, I was too young to realize that this might be a problem. In point of fact, it never was. From the first moment I rode him, he took care of me. I was able to lease him for nearly a year before purchasing him with the $300 that my Godmother had left me. It was my total responsibility to support him myself. By babysitting and cleaning a neighbor's house I was able to pay the $15 per month board, buy feed, horse shoes, the occasional horse show, and my Lake Oswego Pony Club dues. I got to pony club every Saturday morning by riding across town, usually in the rain (this was in Oregon, after all!) Without pony club, I would never have become as good a rider and horsewoman as I am. THANK YOU to all those adults who donated their time!
      Fortunately, Tai was the ultimate "easy keeper:" no special shoes, no special feed, no big vet bills!
      Tai took me where ever I asked whether over 4 foot fences (what was I thinking?) or across rivers. He carried me bareback or let my friends ride double. He was by my side through all of my teen years, and every heartbreak and success was shared with him first. His soft muzzle comforted me through boyfriend problems, girlfriend problems and family problems.
      The only injury I ever suffered was when I asked Tai to go down a steep, muddy slope. He slid down the hill and got his front feet tangled. This caused him to fall onto his side, crushing my left foot. My friends actually brought him into my bedroom to visit me as I lay recuperating and miserable on my bed. My Mom never new that!
      In return for the love and support he gave to me, I gave him my heart, my energy and all of my money! His stall was never dirty, his hooves always clean, his coat thoroughly brushed. He never had to wear dirty tack nor worry about getting his next meal. All of this taught me the importance of hard work and self-reliance. Parents, if you ever have second thoughts about letting your son or daughter get involved with horses, read that last sentence again!
      I sold Tai when I got married as I would be moving to Connecticut with Tom and would not have a place to care for him. The last time I saw Tai, he was marching in the Grand Floral Parade in Portland, Oregon with the Oregon State Univ. equestrian drill team.
      I dedicate this blog to Tai...I'm sure you have earned your unicorn horn by now. I will always love you.

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