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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

WIMPY - Fastest unicorn for 1/4 mile!

Readers of Behind The Mist will remember that future unicorns come from all breeds of horse. Today I would like to write about the truly American Melting Pot horse...the Quarter Horse.

The American Quarter Horse is a cross-breed of Spanish and English horses that were brought into America at the time of Columbus and beyond. They got their name because they are considered the fastest horses for a quarter of a mile. They have long been a favorite of the American Cowboy as a work horse. Quarter horses were used on the long cattle drives and for other work on a ranch.

Wimpy is one of the most famous quarter horses. He was the very first quarter horse to be registered in the American Quarter Horse Association registry. According to the article in Wikipedia: "He was foaled on the King Ranch in Kingsville, Texas on March 3, 1937.[1] However, the original application listed his foaling date as April 3, 1937, and the original stud books gave his foaling year as 1935.[2] He was a son of Solis, himself a son of Old Sorrel, the King Ranch foundation stallion. Solis' dam was an unregistered and unnamed mare of Thoroughbred breeding who was by Right Royal and out of a mare by Martin's Best. Wimpy's dam was a mare named Panda, also sired by Old Sorrel. Panda's dam was a roan mare by Hickory Bill. Wimpy traced three times to Hickory Bill, making him quite inbred to Hickory Bill.[3][4]

He was a chestnut colored stallion, with a star and a sock on his left hind leg. When fully grown, he was 15 hands high and weighed about 1200 pounds.[1]

He was a grand Champion Stallion in March 1941 at the Southwestern Exposition Quarter Horse show in Fort Worth, Texas, which honor earned him the first number in the newly organized American Quarter Horse Association.[1]

He sired over a hundred and fifty foals for the King Ranch, before he was given in 1958 to George Clegg, who had bred Old Sorrel. However, Clegg was forced to sell Wimpy to Rex Cauble, who owned the stallion until Wimpy died on August 13, 1959, when Wimpy was twenty-two years old.[1]

Among his sons and daughters were Bill Cody, Kip Mac, Caballero, Wimpy's Image, Silver Wimpy, Wimpy II, Lauro and Showdown.[5] His grandget included Joe Cody, Marion's Girl, Codalena, Pandarita Hill and Show Maid.[6]

He was inducted into the AQHA Hall of Fame in 1989.[7] In September 1961 a bronze statue of Wimpy was erected outside the AQHA Headquarters in Amarillo, Texas.[1] "

A note: George Clegg, mentioned above in the wikipedia article is one of the most famous Quarter Horse breeders and credited with developing the breed as we know it today.

If you ask a horse person to name a famous quarter horse and they can only name one, it will probably be Wimpy!

Send me the story of your NOBLE AND GREAT horse. I don't care if they are famous or even registered...just loved!

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