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Thursday, April 19, 2012

MADISON WALLRAF- Future Unicorn Rider

In the sequel to Behind the Mist titled Mists of Darkness (coming out as an ebook soon!), young Nick becomes the first unicorn rider. Well, folks, I have a nominee for the next unicorn rider: a young teen named Madison Wallraf. Madison boarded her horse, "Red," at M and R Overlook Farms in McHenry, Illinois. The fifteen year-old was at the stable when she saw flames erupt in the barn. Thinking quickly, she started haltering not just her own horse, but as many as she could, and leading them through the smoke to safety. Then, she ran back into the barn to rescue more. Giving up on the haltering as the fire became too intense, she started just throwing lead ropes over their necks and pulling the panicking horses out of their stalls to safety. In all, twenty-five horses owe their lives to Madison's efforts. Sadly, sixteen horses didn't make it out in time.

Anyone who knows horses understands what a remarkable feat this was. Horses are naturally terrified of they should be! They will panic, causing them to bolt, rear or kick. Madison was kicked and knocked over several times as she tried to help the horses. This did not matter, she kept going anyway, only stopping when the roof of the barn caved in. The four foot, ten inch teenager was a giant that day. I hereby nominate Madison Wallraf to be given the title of Unicorn Rider and inducted into the Legion of the Unicorn. Congratulations Madison. You are an inspiration to all of us, horse-lovers or not!

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