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Thursday, May 31, 2012


Hannah Zeitlhofer shown here with one of the Spanish Riding School's stallions.
(photo courtesy of the Spanish Riding School.)
Women equestrians have always competed on an even playing field with men at all shows...including the Olympics. And we have done very well, I might add. But, until last month, there was one prestigious organization that had never included a woman rider in its ranks...The infamous Spanish Riding School in Vienna. Four years ago, they finally admitted the first female to train under their rigourous program.

She was admitted to become and "eleve" or apprentice rider. She was trained for hours a day on the lounge line then dismounted to clean stalls, tack and horses.

But now, things have changed for Hannah. In April, 2012, she made equestrian history when she and one other rider, Christopher Egger, were advanced to the level of "Assistant Rider" thus qualifying to perform with the Lipizzan stallions. Hannah is the first woman to reach this rank! Way to go, Hannah! All of us women equestrians both admire you and feel just a little bit jealous!

As you know, I love dressage and the Spanish Riding School has taken this art form to the highest level. I wrote a detailed post about the SRS on Feb. 22, 2012. You can read it for more information.

In the first book of my trilogy: Behind the Mist, Nick is trained to become the first unicorn rider. In the second book of the trilogy: Mists of Darkness, Bethany begins her training in an attempt to become the second. It was just released exclusively on Amazon's Kindles for three months before you can find it elsewhere. So, I am nominating Hannah to become a unicorn rider some day!
Congratulations, Hannah!

Information for this post was taken from Equus.

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