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Sunday, August 5, 2012

IAN MILLER - 10th Olympics and future unicorn rider

Above, you will see the fantastic show jumping of team Canadian Ian Miller on Star Power. Of course, you will not be surprised to learn that the equestrian events are my favorite Olympic sports and I was only able to see a little. I get tired of the track and swimming events, sorry. I want to share with you some information on the Olympian who has been in the most Olympics...Ian Miller, the 65 year old rider from Ontario, Canada. Ian has been an Olympic competitor for 40 years. The only Olympics he has missed was in 1980 when the Canadians and many other western countries boycotted the Moscow Olympics for political reasons. In Canada, Miller is known as "Captain Canada." He is a national sports hero. He has won the jumping world's World Cup twice but only one Olympic Medal...that was in China where he rode a clean round with a broken hand and still came home with a silver!

 Speaking of broken hands. Did any of you read that stupid article by the woman who calls herself a journalist. She argued that Roller Derby should be in the Olympics but Dressage should not. She claimed that the most you could get hurt in Dressage was to break a fingernail. She continued to show her ignorance when she wrote that she didn't know much about Dressage, only that you have to jump over "little puddles without getting a foot wet and jump over little fences without knocking down a board." Well, she said one thing right...she doesn't know much about dressage...I would venture to say that she knows NOTHING about Dressage or any other equestrian sport for that matter!

 Enough of my ranting. Back to Ian Miller. When Ian Miller competed in the Olympics this year, he did so as one of the oldest Olympians. As I mentioned before, he is 65 years old...and he isn't quiting yet. He still has his eyes set on Rio de Janeiro in 2016. He says he just keeps getting better. The key will be how his horse, Star Power, is doing. I want to nominate Ian Miller to become a Unicorn Rider. He certainly deserves the title. He is an inspiration to all of us and proof that Equestrian sports are a life-long sport.

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