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Monday, September 24, 2012


This is not my typical post but it was too funny to pass up!

All of you know about those chain letters. The only one I ever tried was a children's book letter. Send a child's book to the top name on the list and within a few weeks you should receive 36 children's books. Well, I sent the book and got the grand total of ZERO books back. So, I wrote off chain letters... until this one!

Dear _________________ (Fill-in the Blank,)

Are you experiencing too many reserves and lower-place finishes due to inferior performance by your horse? Does he forget his own name in the arena? Well, this simple chain letter is meant to bring relief and happiness to you. Unlike most chain letters, it doesn't cost money. Simply send a copy to six other horse owners who are dissatisfied with the way their horses are working and showing. Next, bundle up your horse and send him/her to the horse owner at the top of this list, and add your name to the bottom of the list. Do not use a return address or the postal service may try to contact you. In one week, you will receive 16,436 horses, and one of them should be a real dandy. Have faith in this letter. Do not break the chain. One owner broke the chain and got her own horse back! Isn't that a hoot?! That is your laugh for the day.

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