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Monday, August 12, 2013


I am continuing my focus on trailering. My intent is not to keep you from trailering your horse but rather to make you aware of how careful you need to be when you do so your precious cargo, that is completely dependent upon you, won't get hurt.

Poker Chip Peake is another noble and great horse that  has surely earned his unicorn horn by now. He was an iron grey gelding by the famous quarter horse stallion, Driftwood. He was a dream horse for cattle ropers that competed in the tie-down event. Not only did he have perfect confirmation but he had great "cow-sense" as well. He could read a cow's thoughts before the cow even had that thought! He was also perfect at what cowboy's call "working the rope." He was able to keep the rope tight and the cow still so the roper could tie up those three legs quickly. Sadly, in 1963, Poker Chip was obediently riding in a trailer that overturned on an icy road. As a result, he developed calcium deposits on his hip which ended his career. He was retired  by his owner, Dale Smith, to a ranch near Chandler, AZ in 1966. Poker Chip was inducted into the Pro Rodeo Hall of Fame in 1979.

While I do not know the cause of the accident that injured Poker Chip other than icy roads, I just remind you to be careful when trailering your horse. Especially remember to allow a lot of space between you and the car in front of you because you can not stop as fast when pulling a trailer than you can without it. It drives me crazy when I try to allow plenty of room between me and the next car and cars continually pull in front of me! But, what can you do? Just back off some more to save your horse.

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