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Tuesday, February 4, 2014


Not all noble and great horses are thoroughbred race horses or movie/t.v. stars. Take Joe Cody for example. He is arguably the most famous and influential American Quarter Horse ever! Little Joe was born on Tom Cochran's ranch in Buckholt, TX in 1952. As a yearling, he was purchased by Robert F. Roberts of Tyler, TX. With Doc Spence in the saddle, he earned the AQHA Championship in reining in 1955...just a 3 year old! 

He was eventually purchased by the well-known breeder, photographer, magazine publisher (Practical Horseman and Performance Horseman) and movie producer (The Horse America Made,) C.T. "Tom" Fuller of Catasauqua, PA. In 1964, Tom moved the stallion to Willow Brook Farms where he became the basis for his quarter horse breeding operation. This was all thanks to his daughter's love of horses I might add and a groom who brought two of Joe's daughters to the ranch. Tom decided he loved the mares so much, he might as well own their father.

Joe Cody is considered the founding sire of Reining horses even though he won championships in both reining and cutting. A little side note, just before Tom bought him, he was invited by the government of Bermuda to perform reining and cutting at their agricultural fair and he stunned everyone with his performance.

Both Joe Cody and C.T Fuller have been inducted in the AQHA Hall of Fame. Joe Cody died in 1989 at the age of 37 and is buried on Willow Brook Farm. 

A little commentary: Tom Fuller's father had purchased the land for the farm in an effort to keep the area rural and to stop development and industrial encroachment. Currently, much of the farm is now under the airport when the land was taken (stolen) by the government claiming eminent domain! 

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