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Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Dear Readers,
Sorry that I have not put up a blog post. I have been out of town. I took my horse, several friends and lots of books down to Tucson for several days of riding and to sign books at the Tucson Festival of Books. We had a great time and I loved signing books for kids and adults. Here are some pictures of our fun trip.

Signing North Mystic at the book festival:
 Signing The Mist Trilogy at the book festival:
Riding in Catalina State Park:

 Riding along the Arizona Trail:
The High Jinks was the old mine of Buffalo Bill Cody.

I'll put up a new post in a few days!!!

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  1. What beautiful pictures! Clearly you had a lot of fun. :) The book singing sounds like a blast and what a setting for horseback riding!

  2. Jess, We had a great time but you have to watch out for the Cactus!