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Wednesday, December 16, 2015


I have a few painted ponies and this is my favorite! With my stories about the noble and great horses who are chosen to become unicorns when they die, this is one I simply had to have! Of course, there is a secret unicorn in every horse...especially yours!

The story of the founding of the Painted Ponies by author Rod Barker is interesting. The author, who lives in Santa Fe, was on a trip to Chicago to do research for a book. While there, he chanced upon an exhibit of painted cows. Everyone know horses are more beautiful than cows so he went home and came up with the idea for "The Trail of Painted Ponies." Many of the first ones were native American in theme, fitting with Santa Fe. But now, there are all sorts of designs. You can even submit your own design by going to this website:

Except for the unicorn garden, I like the Christmas designs best! Here are some pictures of my favorite Christmas designs.

So if you need to start a new collection...

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