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Tuesday, May 24, 2016


I really love my stable. It is so pretty and so big! I have three 16 X 12 foot stalls that each has it's own run. I have a lovely tack room with a bathroom, and a feed room with a washer and dryer for blankets and saddle pads. (My husband is so happy that he doesn't have horse hair on his underwear anymore.) I also have plenty of room for hay storage. Sounds pretty perfect, doesn't it?

Well...then I found these pictures of stables:

Can you believe these stables? Now I feel like a slacker and a cruel person for making my horses live in a shack!!! I want to know where the dust is? Where are the flies? Where are the manure stains? Where is the scapped off paint and chewed wood?  

Oh well. My horses may not live in a palace like one of the ones above but they are so happy and spoiled that if I leave a gate open, they won't run away! I think I will add some potted plants out front, however!

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