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Thursday, April 13, 2017


Show season is upon us and horses get exposed to more than just other horses. Unfortunately our wonderful friends can also be exposed to new viruses. There have already been two verified cases of Equine Herpes in Texas and one in Nevada.
It can spread quickly through a stable. 
Here are the early signs of EHV:

Here are some prevention tips:
1. Make sure your horse is up to date on all vacines. An otherwise healthy horse is less susceptible to getting sick.
2. Do not share water buckets, hay nets or other feeding/drinking equipment.
3. Do not submerge the water hose in the bucket when filling it.
4. Do not share tack or grooming equipment.
5. Avoid nose to nose contact between horses.
6. Do not tie your horse to rails or fences where other horses have been tied.
7. If you are concerned about your horse's health take its temperature. If it is over 101.5, call a vet immediately.
8. If EHV is in your barn, you will need to remove all bedding, disinfect all stalls and aisle ways, clean and disinfect all trailers and grooming equipment as well. 

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