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Saturday, July 8, 2017


I am so honored to be awarded the Silver Medal by the Literary Classics Book Awards for "The Stone of Mercy-Book 1 of the Centaur Chronicles." (You might remember that last year "In the Heart of a Mustang" was awarded the Gold medal by CLC as well!)

Each year Literary Classics looks for the best in children's and young adult literature in various categories, both fiction and non-fiction. They have a team of reviewers who evaluate each book on a 100 point scale. Those that receive 80 points or above move on to the award level and are reviewed again.
I love writing fantasy, especially stories about horse-related fantasy characters! The Stone of Mercy is the first of a four-book series about the fantasy land of Crystonia, home to Centaurs, Ogres, Cyclops, Fauns and the little author-created race of Duende. (That is part of the fun in being an can create what you want so I created the Duende who are half human/half fairy!)

Here are some of the other awards this book has received:

The Stone of Mercy is available on the website or Amazon or Barnes & Nobel.

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