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Tuesday, November 7, 2017


Some horses get to enjoy a variety of careers in their lifetimes. Such was the case with Trail Guide. He went from a cavalry horse to a big-(and mean REALLLLLY big)time show jumper.

Trail Guide was a two-time Olympic Showjumper. The beautiful thoroughbred was out of Trailoka, a mare who was also an Olympic mount, competing in 3-day eventing.

The famous rider, Hugh Wiley rode Trail guide to an 11th place finish in the 1956 Olympics. When he turned 21, Trail Guide led the US Olympic team to a team Silver Medal while being ridden by Show Jumping legend, Frank Chapot during the 1960 Olympic Games in Rome Italy.

Trail Guide won numerous championships at the top shows. He was ridden by the best riders: Hugh Wiley, Frank Chapot and Bill Steinkraus.
Trail Guide's life ended, shockingly, in 1960 in the show ring of the National Horse Show. He crashed into a five-foot fence and broke two vertebrae in his neck. A curtain was pulled around him and he was euthanized right there in the arena, surrounded by the jumps that he loved and the people who loved him.

Trail Guide was inducted into the Show Jumping Hall of Fame in 1995.
Show Jumping Hall of Fame

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