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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It's COOL in Wyoming

A Blog reader named Lisa sent me this story about her  horse that she wants to nominate for Unicornhood:

Lisa wrote:

"Hi Margi! The story line of your book is intriguing. I love the unicorn's beautiful mane! Your Noble horse,
Tai, story is so uplifting! The YouTube story is amazing too! I too had a
Strong and Noble horse once. My sorrel gelding "Reining" Quarter Horse"Cool"-
was such a kind, gentle and forgiving horse allowing me to learn Reining, taking
care of me through showing, trail rides and loving me through 2 relationship
breakups..he had a kind eye and gentle spirit. He was small, but grew under the
saddle as we rode and showed in the show ring. He grew to be a strong survivor
of a hard life prior to him coming to me, and became my best friend! He resides
in Wyoming on a ranch- retired at age 24 where life is good and his new best
friends are sheep! I miss him so much, but I have many pictures, his show blankets
and tack with his smell to remind me of him and our tough and glorious times
together forever! He will no doubt earn his Unicorn horn in the life hereafter.

Tell me the story of your Noble and Great horse.
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