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Thursday, November 21, 2013


Valiant, an upper level dressage horse lost his life on Nov. 15th to an infection on the innermost lining of the heart. He was twenty seven years old. That is not the remarkable part of this story, however. The remarkable part of the story began when he was six years old. At that time he stepped on a nail and developed an infection that resulted in total blindness. His owner, Jeannette Sassoon, refused to give up on him. Slowly and lovingly, she trained him to follow her aides as she took him around his dark world...a dark world that included the dressage show rings of Florida. She competed with him clear up to the Pres St. Georges level! 

I am so sorry that Jeannette has lost her beloved companion but he was one lucky horse to have had her for his owner. Now, as one of the noble and great horses, he is undoubtedly working toward earning his unicorn horn and, just think, now he can see all the beauty of Celestia around him.  

Here is a news story about him from Youtube:

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