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Friday, December 6, 2013


Fall is my favorite season. Summer is second. Spring is third.....Yes...Winter comes in Dead LAST! As charming and romantic as all the winter scene pictures of sleigh rides may be, remember someone had to harness those horses and hitch up the sleigh! I thought about that this morning as I was feeding and cleaning stalls in -8 degree weather....YES! That's MINUS EIGHT! My nostrils were breathing in biting cold air, making my nose hairs freeze. My horses's eye lashes had tiny ice cycles on them! Now, I firmly believe that our ancestors were much, much tougher than we are but that doesn't mean they enjoyed freezing nearly to death.

So here is my "Rocky Mountain Horse Girl's Wish List!"
1. Manure that doesn't freeze to the ground
2. Gate latches that don't freeze closed
3. Gloves that actually keep your hands warm
4. Water heaters that don't pop the circuits
5. Blanket straps that don't break
6. It's only December 6th and I am already wishing for spring. I'm in trouble!
7. Oh...and enough money to have a heated barn and an indoor heated arena. (Yeah that's going to happen!)

Guess I'll just go read a book!

Send me your Winter wish list!

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