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Saturday, June 14, 2014


 Everyone has a birthday now and then. If you are getting up there, you would rather not keep track any longer. However, my test riders from my "Riding Colorado" books and I have a fun tradition. Whenever we have a birthday, we go on a birthday ride. The birthday girl gets to choose where she wants the group to go. Since I have written three trail guide books for Colorado, it is a tough decision. I know so many great trails! However, yesterday, I chose to stay close to home so we could have cake with one of our riders who is recuperating from a terrible event (Her heart stopped! It's a miracle that she is still alive. Her husband performed CPR for 15 minutes until the paramedics arrived. I'd say that qualifies as a "terrible" event wouldn't you?) Anyway, I chose to go to one of the new day trips in "Riding Colorado III". It is a new open space created by Douglas County called "Lincoln Mountain." I am the leader in the line above riding my wonderful thoroughbred and cover boy Kit. I love that horse as you know if you have been reading my posts for a while. One thing I love about Colorado that is obvious from the picture is that you can see forever! Having grown up in Oregon, surrounded by trees, I couldn't believe that the sky was so big when I arrived in Colorado. Now I get claustrophobic when I return to Oregon. I want someone to cut down those trees! (I know, I know, my Oregon readers will think I'm nuts!)

Anyway, if you have a birthday coming up, gather some friends and go for a trail ride. Better yet, plan a trip with your horse and your friends to Colorado. If you want to know where to go, buy Riding Colorado III-Day and Overnight Trips With Your Horse. I have previewed campgrounds, resorts, cabins and Bed and Breakfasts that will host both you and your horse. In addition, I have reviewed trails around each destination. Riding Colorado III is available on
Happy Trails to You!

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