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Sunday, May 18, 2014


If you are a true horse-lover, you will be able to relate to me and my life. In fact, if you were born a horse, you would wish you had been purchased by ME! My horses are loved, pampered and spoiled to the core! This cartoon makes me laugh as I think about how my horses are treated:

 If you are like me, this is your life:
1. Your horse gets new shoes every 8 haven't had a new pair of shoes for two years.
2. Your horse's "clothing," blankets, saddle pads, etc., are all newer than anything hanging in your closet.
3. Your horse gets regular check-ups from the vet, including teeth don't even know your doctor or dentist's names.
4. You sit in your old, junker car while your horse rides in his fancy new, padded trailer with extra matting on the floor.
5. Your horse eats the finest feeds and supplements while you dine on Kraft Macaroni and Cheese.
6. Your horse's stall is fresh and clean with sweet smelling shavings...who has time to wash your bed linens?
7. Your horse's coat shines like a new penny from hours of long has it been since you have been to a beauty parlor. (What's a beauty parlor?)

So, when other people say we are "Horse Crazy," I think they are emphasizing the "Crazy" part. I also think they are right! But we have to laugh at ourselves. Right?

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